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Hi I'm Geoff

Owner of D3Pixel and a 25+ year veteran in the field of digital art, animation, rendering, modeling, Web3D, and programming. If you are here requiring content creation via animation then you have come to the right place. Have a look around then drop me a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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Securing Wind turbines. Nord-Lock Group

I have recently completed several animations for the Nord-Lock group.
CAD design company Optima Design Services required high end animation that included oceans with animated waves and large wind turbines including the generator and gearbox inside the nacelle. The animation demonstrated where Nord-Lock secure bolting products are used throughout the entire Turbine.

The animations were extremely well received at various events around the world including the major WindEnergy Hamburg Expo.

Nord-Lock Group

Water Treatment. Biwater Group

BiWater, a world leader in treated water supply required animations to aid in tender presentations in the Middle East.

We completed two animations, a pumping station on a river and a water filtration plant further in-land.

BiWater Group

Data Centre Services. Blue Chip

Blue Chip required an animation to help describe a new data center that was being built, we were charged with delivering a full animation showing how the building would finally look along with explaining the top rate security and redundancy measures.

The entire building was created from architectural blueprints to allow the viewer to see what the building looks like from inside.

Blue Chip

The World of Metals. SMS GROUP

SMS MEER required a detailed disassembly and operation animation showing off their main product's benefits.

The full animation showed the product disassembling which then moved onto how it operates.


The M.O.D. Orion Laser Facility

The Orion Laser facility is a research structure for fielding experiments into the plasma state of lasered materials. This super high-tech facility required induction videos so that new contractors could learn about health and safety factors before entering the site and any clean room areas.

The videos included professional voice overs and over 20 minutes of realtime Unity3D animation.

Orion Laser Facility

Bespoke plugins. MintViz

MintViz are a studio working in the creative broadcast industry and every so often they require an animation that needs programming to get around limitations in the software tools used.

Some of the 3D Studio Max plugins I developed for MintViz solved complicated animations or animated thousands of objects in seconds that would have taken weeks to perform manually


Past work:

Optima Design Services Ltd Nord-Lock Group MintViz Boltight BiWater Group The All In One Company Orion Laser Facility Blue Chip SMS MEER BAE Systems World Steel Silkmoth Ltd DISCWORLD II Martini Phileas Fogg Toshiba Ciba Vision Bensons for Beds Nike PG TIPS SAAB Bruce Bedlam's Stonehenge Fragrance Direct SHELL Barcadi Styrecast Altecnic AJ Wells SafeStyle True2Life CNDG ActionAid

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